Pausing for IRL road trip

I have been pretty happy about posting with some regularity here during Blaugust, but I have a little trip coming up tomorrow that will interfere with both gaming and blogging. Real life is so hectic right now that I am posting this from my phone on break at work

When I get back, I will play more Bless for your entertainment, and also post about horses in BDO. I have already taken some screenshots of some of my horses for the latter post. I may also have another announcement, if things go well.


Bless Online: Day 1

I didn’t have a lot of time to play last night (mainly because I got sucked into Black Desert first,  in one of those things where “I’m just going to check on this one thing” turns into finishing an entire quest line. I did, however, eventually make it to Bless.

I picked the Kairos server because I liked its name better. I had to make some adjustments to the settings to get the performance to an acceptable level, even in character creation. It still stuttered a little, but it wasn’t a dealbreaker. I’ve played worse.

I chose the Union faction and made a Mascu Berserker. Who doesn’t love a tiny character with a big ax? I chose the human type, so she basically looks like a confident 7-year-old girl with a big ax. There’s also an animal type if you prefer your small-and-cute with little animal ears and fur. (Both factions have large-and-furry races as well– the Lupus on the Hieron side and the Pantera on the Union side.) The character customization was good, with plenty of options.

I chose the name “Nesh” (on a whim, as sort of a nickname for my gaming screen name, “neschria”), and then I was on my way.


The first thing I went through was the tutorial, which I needed because this game works a little differently than others I have played. The tutorial is mercifully short and I caught onto the controls pretty quickly.  I did have a moment of duhhhhh when I got stuck on the skills/combat tutorial because (pro-tip) you have to click the button to accept your changes in the skill window in order to save them and to progress in the tutorial.

After the tutorial, I found myself on an airship, which was promptly attacked by beetles. This is where I met the captain, who killed the big boss beetle, and then started me off on a newbie quest line as soon as we arrived in town. I grabbed a screeshot when I got to town:


The newbie quest line was pretty standard– go here, talk to this person, talk to that person, get that thing, etc. This game sure does make it easy to find your quest target NPCs.


Glow much?

Anyway, I was sent off to the tailor, where I did some of the usual newbie stuff, ran into the captain again, and got a set of snazzy new clothes.


Unfortunately, that was about all I had time for last night. I have to go meet the captain at the airship docks again when I get back to it, I think. I’ll be back with my further adventures soon.

I did the thing…

… I bought Bless Online. It was cheap and I gave in to the urge.

The good news is that I can chronicle my experiences as a new player for this blog, complete with screenshots and a first-hand account of my progress (or lack thereof).

But for now, I have to go to bed because I have to work tomorrow. All this adulting is getting in the way of my gaming.

My Nefarious Plot

I have a couple of unusual items on my bucket list, including teaching my mother how to use Skype or another video chat, and getting her to try one MMORPG or another. The former will be the easier of the two, since she’d like to be able to video chat with her grandkids in far flung places– we live 7+ hours away by car, and my nieces live in another country. The latter will be harder, since my mom is of mind that every waking moment has to be busy and productive. I think I will try to frame it as a family activity.

I’ve also decided I am going to try to persuade my husband to try out MMORPGs. That will be equally difficult because it is a point of pride for him that he hasn’t played video games of any kind since he was 15.

My insidious plan is incomplete because I haven’t decided what game I should try to get them into. At first I was thinking that I would go with Elder Scrolls Online, but then I thought that having to pay money upfront might be a sticking point for them. They are both quite frugal. I am just trying to figure out which free-to-play games have a good tutorial that will ease them in gently and a non-toxic community. That’s the problem I am chewing on right now. I am currently considering Guild Wars 2, LotRO, or DDO.

Suggestions are welcome.

Like Looking at a Train Wreck

I sometimes play failed or obscure titles just to look. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised (Wildstar) or predictably disappointed (Revelation Online). Sometimes I just shrug and wander off because a game isn’t really bad, but it also isn’t really good (Shroud of the Avatar).

And that brings us to what’s on my mind tonight:

Bless Online failed spectacularly. People do not like Bless Online. You don’t have to take my word for it– go look at the reviews anywhere. (If you go check it out on YouTube, you might want to pop on some headphones so your kids don’t hear the profanities in some reviews.)

But now it is on sale on Steam. I wasn’t willing to pay full price to see how bad it is, but I might be willing to shell out $10 to check out the failshow. I just can’t decide if I want to spend money on it or wait for the almost-inevitable free-to-play.

I have seen some games fail at launch and then make an astonishing comeback, but then there are the flops that stay flopped. Bless looks like it will probably be the latter. The more highly anticipated a game is, the more people feel betrayed if it turns out to be a steaming pile. See the aforementioned reviews to experience the bitterness first hand.

MMOs are good, but could be great

My phone served me up a new video on YouTube from my subscribed channels, and I went to view it, expecting for it to make me angry. It was “Why MMO Are Bad Now IMO After Talking To Devs | Yes I’m Ranting” by Skylent.  I get really tired of hearing about how the MMORPG genre is dead and all the games are bad. What’s really bad is that a lot of the people saying those things are MMO players, so I went to the video expecting the worst, but that’s not what it was at all. I actually agreed with it.

The idea is that MMORPGs need to be built from the ground up at MMOs, and not built with questionable network code cobbled onto the end. They need to be built with the massively multiplayer aspects of their systems in mind from the very first day. It seems like common sense, doesn’t it? Well, look at some recent launches and reflect on how common “common sense” really is.

Provocative title aside, I think MMORPGs are often quite good, but the genre needs to get back to basics in terms of structure while exploring new avenues in narrative, game mechanics, and visual presentation. And it would be nice if developers in the MMO and the adjacent multiplayer market space would all stop swarming on the flavor of the week. For instance, I think the market is saturated with treepunchers (aka survival games) now, and I hate almost all of them, but there seems to be no end in sight.

What do you think?

BDO Progress Report


(In a more audio-reader friendly version, my progress toward leveling all my characters to 50: Lovani, Level 50; Lobit, Level 56; Emindra, Level 32; Cyneshia, Level 27; Aliquippa, Level 26; Hotpoint, Level 21; Sewickley, Level 28; Gibsonia, Level 18; Zelienople, Level 51; Windber, Level 19; Coraopolis, Level 17. )