ArcheAge Unchained Characters

I created characters on Denistrious because that was the only server available when I popped in. The character customization is good, and I could spend all day doing it. Black Desert and City of Heroes also inspire me to spend too much time changing and polishing my look.



What. A. Week.

Blizzard stepped in it big time. Who even knows what’s going on at ArenaNet at this point? And then Shroud of the Avatar got sold off. (I know. I am shocked too. /sarcasm.)

And that’s without touching any of the issues out there in the wider world.

In other news, I’ve been playing a little KurtzPel and it is a fun game if you like fast-paced 2v2 action. It turns out that I do. They have some other modes for more players, but I haven’t had a chance to check those out yet. I think it probably falls into the MMO-adjacent category, but with so many studios running away from being called an “MMORPG” (or “MMO-anything”), it is nice to see one running toward it.

I have also been playing Trove. I bounced off it in the past, but it turns out that there’s actually a game under that blocky exterior.

I planned on playing a game of Everyone is John over Discord last night, but everyone in my family is sick and I just didn’t have it in me when I finally got the little one down for the night.

Here I am saying “What a week!” on Wednesday night. I already feel like this is a week where I will be crawling over that finish line after work on Friday night myself. Anyone else with me on that? Anyone ready to pour themselves a Friday night drink and play games until they can’t stay awake any longer?

Character Names Again

Name reservations for ArcheAge Unchained have been pushed back until the 12th (of October), which gives me more time to think about names. I don’t intend to give myself a silly or descriptive name, so I won’t be Motorboat or Playsonweekends. I don’t want to go with a common IRL name either, so I won’t be Susan or Brian.

I have been using Mirinda (Esperanto for “wonderful”) a bit lately. I have used Emindra for caster-type characters. Most of my characters in Black Desert are named for towns in Western PA, with the balance having made-up names, including the aforementioned Emindra.

My most advanced character in Skyrim is Nadiya. I have more recently been playing a Khajiit named Aksala (named by my 4-year-old) and a Redguard named Yira. My little guy also supervised the customization of a (female) Nord that he named Jonzo. (I have only played Jonzo through Helgen though.)

I am a conlanger. I could just go raid my conlangs for names. I have used Edhelva, which means “strength”, out of one of my languages (Teliya Nevashi).

Some of those probably don’t need to be reserved. Few people are going to come up with “Edhelva” on their own, and I haven’t had a lot of trouble getting things like “Emindra” either. I have had trouble with some of my other names– Mirin and Kensha, names I used way back in EverQuest days, are usually taken. There’s a fair chance that Nadiya would be taken,as a variant of “Nadia.” Or even Jonzo, given its resemblance to both “Jon” and “Gonzo.”

It may seem weird to worry over such a thing, but your name is often the first thing other players know about you, and it does make some kind of first impression. If I see someone named Motorboat, I am 50/50 on whether they are a total jackbat or just a goof. Well… Maybe more like 60/40. I am hoping to project something fairly neutral. Or maybe lightly-RP-ish, since I do occasionally do some light RP.

Not MMO-related: Skyrim mods

I played Skyrim without any mods for years. Over the last month or so, I’ve started using mods, and it is safe to say I have gotten a little mod happy.

I had heard of a few mods that sounded interesting, but what finally tipped the scales was the mod that lets you adopt up to 6 kids. I adopted Lucia in Whiterun and Blaise from the farm outside of Solitude, but then I ran into Sofie, the girl who sells flowers in Windhelm and felt terrible that I couldn’t adopt her. And then there are all those orphans in Riften. How could I stop with 2? Then I installed associated mods and additional housing to go with the multiple adoptions.

I was also happy to install the unofficial patch, which fixed some bugs I had encountered. Then I installed Climates, a weather mod, because it seemed to have good reviews. And I was still just getting warmed up. Mods for NPCs, mods for items, and whole new areas and quest lines.

I especially like the Alternate Start mod I picked up. The whole Helgen thing gets old when you have done it a few times, and this offers a number of different possible starting scenarios.

I also like the Wintersun religion mod. It adds a new dimension to play if you’re inclined to play religious characters. I may try a different religion mod at some point.

Last night, I was lying in bed, browsing mods, and I had two thoughts: 1. My addition of mods has certainly escalated rapidly. 2. I might need rehab to get over my mod problem before I break the game.

I have decided…

I purchased ArcheAge Unchained. Astellia just seemed like more of the same old same old.

I stuck with the $26 silver package. I don’t have the money to spend on anything more expensive, and I am mildly apprehensive about the potential for Gamigo to screw this up.  I hope that they don’t. And I hope that enough people buy in to get the attention of other studios who may be trying to decide how to monetize their future games.

I have decided to let my World of Warcraft account lapse. It was fun for a little bit, but the setting has never caught my imagination, even though I played the RTS games before WoW was a thing. I just never cared about the story; each scenario was a problem to be solved and game to be won, and I didn’t really pay too much attention to the rest of it. Don’t get me wrong,  I can get way deep into a game’s story if it digs into my imagination. Warcraft was just not one of those things at any point. I just don’t care about Azeroth or the things going on there.

My next game purchase will probably be GW2 Path of Fire, which now comes with Heart of Thorns included. After that, there’s the Steam winter sale. I have a few must-gets from the Steam sale when it rolls back around, but none of those things are MMO related. After my single-player RPG binge last year, I don’t think those are really on my menu for this year either. I have a bunch of strategy and simulation games in mind.

I want a new drug…

That is to say, I am looking for my next long-term MMORPG. I may go back to Black Desert Online at some point, but I am burnt out on that for now. I have tried a lot of other games that just didn’t stick.

I think I’ve narrowed it down to either ArcheAge (either Unchained or ArcheRage) or Guild Wars 2. I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of ArcheAge and  I have enjoyed the time I have spent messing around in Guild Wars 2. I am hoping to get my non-gamer husband into a game, so maybe GW2 is the way to go. That’s what some other folks have suggested, anyway.

I figure the title of this post will be lost on younger folks, so here’s this too: