Not MMO: RimWorld is the worst best game ever

Or is it the best worst game ever? Really, it could be either. All I know is that it has mercilessly consumed over 1200 hours of my life, and I still haven’t completed any of the potential “end game” conditions. Not even the somewhat easier ones I added through mods. I have gotten damned close but the horrors of the Rim are always one step behind. And one step ahead.

I said it is not MMO, but like everything else with RimWorld, there’s a mod for that:

As with Skyrim, it is the modding community that lifts the game to glorious new heights, even though I enjoyed hundreds upon hundreds of hours playing each of those games in their plain vanilla state.

So, why am I writing about RimWorld again on my MMO blog? Friends, I was so close to getting to the crashed ship. I sent my rather large colony there in waves. That was my mistake this time. I had one caravan wait for another that was struggling, and then both caravans starved instead of one. I tried settling down to scrape some food together. That did not help. Some colonists starved anyway, and that triggered others to go into a murderous rage. It was a spectacular failure.

That is all.

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