Worst Blaugust EVAR.

Ok, so it was only my second Blaugust, but things went awry and posting didn’t happen. Oh, well. Shall I try Blogtember? Blogtober? Maybe I will blog for NaNoWriMo.

It’s now the second day of September. Happy Labor Day to my US readers! I have not yet been able to get into Riders of Icarus through Steam since the migration to Valofe. I have now installed the launcher, so we’ll see if I can get into the game directly. (UPDATE: YES! At last! Seems like population may have taken a hit on my server though; I will check again during a more typically busy time.)

My daughter installed 2 mods to my original Skyrim, one to skip the whole Helgen sequence and the other to put dad jokes on the loading screens, but I have never added a mod myself before last week. I have been playing a clean vanilla version of Skyrim (special edition) all this time since purchasing it. I recently decided to add some mods and start a new save, since I had run into a couple of frustrating quest bugs. I am pretty happy with the ones I have added so far– the unofficial patch, one that offers a few options for alternative ways to start (that eventually shunts you into the main story), Immersive NPCs, Tamriel Climate (weather and lighting mod), Wintersun religion mod… And a few others for quality of life and adding additional areas. So, that’s a new thing I have been up to. I might review those at some point, even though it is not at all MMO related.

I have got to get my act together. 😐



Have you ever had one of those weeks where you crawled across the finish line? I think I made it within a few yards of the finish line; I ended up leaving work early for 2 days in a row. I’ve been missing a lot of time lately, almost all of it unavoidable.

On the other hand, I have almost finished writing an article for Massively OP about Aura Kingdom. I am almost ashamed of how much I have enjoyed playing that game. It is good for when you’re already having a crappy week and you just want to sit down and play a cute game with bright colors and simple gameplay. I am sure the end game is different, but I hardly ever make it to the endgame in anything.  I’ll link that post in another article when it is done and up.

I have reached a point in Skyrim where I have bitten off more than I can chew, so I am taking a little break from that. Sometimes coming into it fresh makes it easier. Or at least I’ll be starting at a lower baseline of frustration. I have a few characters I have started, but jumping between them just confuses me about what I am supposed to be doing.





I am exhausted and my eyes are burning from too much screen time, mainly at work. Needless to say, this is going to be short. It is not a writing or gaming night.

I have been playing some Aura Kingdoms and Neverwinter this week, as well as collecting my freebies in Riders of Icarus. Otherwise, my job and family are keeping me busy.

Anyway, I am going over there to my bed to write down a few ideas on old fashioned paper before I pass out for the night.

Preliminary Thoughts on Astellia

Having played a little in CBT1 & 2, I think I like Astellia. That said, it doesn’t seem to have any groundbreaking innovations in it. It’s just a solid, if somewhat ordinary, Asian MMORPG.

The performance wasn’t great with the graphics on full-blast on my laptop, but I can tolerate lower quality for better performance. By the time I was done, I had settled on good-enough medium graphics that didn’t trip my machine up.

Astellia seems to be developing a following, but it doesn’t have any over-the-top hype going on at this time.  That is a good sign. It’s another good sign that people are getting in to play, stream, and talk about it without a lot of interference from the company. I just don’t want to see another Bless Online disaster, where hype and unrealistic expectations cause a backlash that utterly kills the game.

I might play it when it is released.

Blaugust 3: MMO prep

I have been very tired today for reasons related to medication, so today ended up being about as unproductive as a day can be. I did, however, go create an ESO character to blog about. And I love you all so much that I decided to not skip the tutorial. The new character is a Nord Templar named Firadine. The other thing I did was delete an unplayed character in Neverwinter in case I need the space for a new Gith character. I logged in my warlock and finished a couple of quests, but that didn’t take long. I am now set up to do what I said I would do for Blaugust.

I have completed my pre-migration for Riders of Icarus. It wasn’t super hard, and I got a confirmation email that I had done it right that was reassuring. I was nervous that I would do it wrong and lose everything I’ve put into the game and all the cool stuff I have collected.

Here’s hoping Blaugust 4 feels better.

Blaugust 2: Pokemon Going To The Park.

I have reached the point that I’ve had enough summer. I am tired of the heat, I’m tired of the long days, and I’m tired of kids being tired of summer. The only good thing about this time of year is Pokemon Go. I like to go out to the local parks and walk around to collect gifts to send to friends and Pokemon for myself. It’s not actually about the game, though. I am tricking myself into getting some exercise through the game. I am resistant to just walking for exercise without an end destination, but I will walk to get to the next Pokestop.

And that’s part of my plan for the weekend. I am going to clean the house (which isn’t too bad right now), then I am going to play games inside in the heat of the day, and then I will head out to one of the local parks to let the kids run and to do my Pokemon thing.


Riders of Icarus is moving to VALOFE. Pre-migration underway.

Nexon came to the end of its contract to publish Riders of Icarus, and now the game is headed to a new publisher, VALOFE. This means that current players will have to migrate their accounts. Luckily there are guides for people who play through Nexon and people who play through Steam. There is some kind of Traveler of World pack for people who migrate by August 27.

Oh, here it is, from the VALOFE migration page:


I hope that this turns out to be a good move for the game and the players. I am nervous because this is a game I actively play, but I have felt for a while that the game has been neglected by Nexon. They didn’t seem to be trying too hard to get new players in. It does look like VALOFE has plans for future updates– a 3 player infinite party dungeon to begin with, to be followed by a new raid dungeon and a new solo dungeon.  That is some good news.