The Black Desert Transfer is NOW.

As of February 24th, 2021, Black Desert Online will be published by Pearl Abyss instead of Kakao, so if you want to continue your account, you’ll need to do a transfer. You can do that HERE. There are instructions for Steam users HERE. The transfer period runs January 27th, 2021–May 31, 2021.

Kakao Cash will not be transferred, so get in there and get it spent before February 24.

I have done it. Just follow the directions and you’ll be fine. Happy Transfer!

2021 Gaming Plans

It’s coming up on that time of the year when people do their retrospectives and set new goals. I am going to skip the retrospective and get on with the goal setting.

  1. Play more, write more. If I am going to write about games, it would be helpful for me to play them. If I am going to play games, I might as well write about them.
  2. Try something new every month. A new game, a new class, whatever it takes to keep things fresh and moving along.
  3. Give DC Universe Online and Champions Online a fair shake. I have started both, but they are both just sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to come back to my little newblets.
  4. Persuade my husband and mother to give video games a try. I have been trying to do this for a few years now, but maybe this will be the year.

I hate to commit to anything more than that, given the unpredictability of life, the universe, and everything.

Black Desert Burn Out

I was excited for the release of the Hashashin class and the second season, but by the time I got to the end of the first season, I had burnt myself out. I just can’t make myself do it right now. The last part of the first season was intense for me, so the thought of grinding it all out again just does not appeal to me at all. It’s like eating a gallon of chocolate pudding; at first it is delicious and seems like a good idea, but at some point you lose your taste for it. By the end, there’s nothing you want less. It’s all tummy ache and regret.

My blueberry Hashashin

To everything there is a season (server) [BDO]

The cat rides with me.

I have spent a great deal of time playing on Black Desert Online’s first Season server. That’s the Mystic I have been playing in the picture above. The season will end on August 26, and I still have so many things left to do. It seemed like I had plenty of time when the server started. It turns out I also have a family and obligations. The time just melted away. I probably won’t achieve all I wanted to before the lights go out on the first season, but I have hit a new high level and a new level of gear with my seasonal character, so I will count it as a success when she is converted into a normal, non-seasonal character.

And then it will be time to start preparing for the next season. There’s a new class, the Hashashin, being introduced at the same time. He’s some sort of desert assassin. Pre-creation for the Hashashin class and new seasonal characters starts on August 26 with the release of the class and the new seasonal server on Sept 2. I will be one of thousands of Hashashins on that server. The seasonal server seems to be the way to go to grow a character up in a hurry.


The Big News Edition

Phantasy Star Online 2 has launched on Steam. This is great news for people who found the Microsoft store frustrating. There’s also a major overhaul coming in 2021 called PSO2: New Genesis. It will be a stand alone game, with the original PSO2 remaining in operation as well. You can read about it here.

Final Fantasy XIV also had some big news. In addition to the new 5.3 patch (which I haven’t really investigated yet), if you own the Starter Edition (the base game), it will be upgraded on August 11 to include Heavensward. The free trial will also be upgraded. This is a great time to try to convince your friends and family to come check it out with you.

Over in Black Desert Online, the Summer Season server will be ending sooner than originally announced. The new end date is August 26. The second season will coincide with the release of the new Hashashin class on September 2. Pre-creation for the new season characters and the Hashashin class will start on the 26th. There are generally some rewards for precreating characters, so if you’re interested in being a desert assassin, you’ll probably want to jump on that. You can grab the details here.

None of those links are affiliate links or anything. It might have been nice if they were, since I am currently unemployed and could use a little cash. Strangely, being at home all the time with my family hasn’t freed up a lot of time for writing or gaming. We are adjusting to this new normal now, accepting that it is here to stay, so I hope my family will back off and let me do things other than pay attention to them 24/7.

With the gaming time I have managed to scrape together, I have been playing Black Desert. I have really enjoyed playing on the season server. Having a deadline to do what you’re going to do in game adds a new facet to the game that I like a lot. I am playing a mystic, so this is a new class for me as well. If you’re looking to jump into the game, you could try out the season server– it is very much geared toward the growth of your character, and your character will convert to a regular character at the end.

It might be just as well to wait for the new season, though. I will be rolling Hashashin for the next season server. So will everyone else. That’s how new class releases work.

My husband is calling and the kids want dinner. Back to real reality.

2020 might not be so bad after all…

No, no, hear me out…

Sure, there’s a crazy pandemic going on and every time you turn around some disaster is happening somewhere, but on the other hand, Phantasy Star Online 2 for PC is almost here, Blue Protocol looks like it is shaping up to be something I’d like to play, and New World will almost certainly maybe perhaps release before the end of the year (if it doesn’t hit the August date they’ve announced.)

I have been cynical about the hype around upcoming games in the past. And, as you may have just noticed, I am still extremely skeptical of announced release dates. PSO2, however, is not a new game and its track record in Japan speaks for itself. It’s a game people have waited years for. Blue Protocol looks gorgeous and the gameplay videos I have seen from the Japanese closed beta appear promising. And I preordered New World based on the alpha last fall; all the changes they’ve announced just make me more sure of that decision. We should get at least ONE decent game out of those three, and that will be more than we’ve gotten during some years of the Great MMO Drought.

Then there’s Greymoor hitting The Elder Scrolls Online. And, although it is of little interest to most people, EverQuest has two new progression servers debuting on May 27th. (I subscribed to All Access for 3 months to play on Aradune. That’s right. I gave Daybreak money on purpose.)

See, 2020 does have a silver lining. A very thinly plated silver lining, but that’s better than nothing.

Non-game games: Playne, Kind Words

I bought a bunch of games during the Steam winter sale after saying I was definitely not going to do that. Among the things I bought are two things that aren’t really games as such, “Playne” and “Kind Words [low fi chill beats to write to].”

I was going to say that Playne is a PC-based meditation app in disguise, but it really isn’t in disguise at all. It’s just about meditating. It’s got a timer, a circle that grows and shrinks for you to breathe along to, and a fox who tells you that you’re going to save the world by meditating. I knew what it was when I bought it. I have wanted to start meditating for a while now. Why not do it with a fox?

Kind Words is a “game” that lets you send out short anonymous letters and receive short anonymous replies. Many of the letters are people trying to work through their problems, but sometimes people will send out letters asking for a list of things that make you happy or what you like about yourself.  You can thank people for their replies with stickers, which are used for both decorating your room and to send out to thank others for their replies. You can also send out paper airplanes– very short messages sent to the community at large with no reply option. Messages are delivered by the mail deer, which is like a mail carrier, except it’s a deer. The mail deer is very positive and encouraging too. As the title suggests, it comes with a variety of music tracks that can be changed via the radio on your shelf in your little bedroom, which is all there is to the game world itself. Thus far, Kind Words has been positive and uplifting for me.

I enjoy both these titles. I think they are both fine examples of the artform that video games have evolved into. The possibilities for applying video game technologies and mechanics to created new kinds of virtual experiences are truly endless.


BDO Guardian (First try, anyway)


The character customization in Black Desert is the best part of the game, according to my son. I happen to like the rest of the game, but it is hard to argue with his point. This is my first attempt at customization of the new Guardian class. I am going to play around with it again tonight. (If you like this customization, I saved it as “Guardienne.”)

I wasn’t gonna, but then I did.


I wasn’t going to buy anything from the Steam Winter Sale, but then I did. First I purchased a few cheap titles for family members, and next thing you know, I was checking out a cart full of stuff for myself. My consolation is that everything I bought was at a deep discount and was all stuff I have had wishlisted forever.  None of it was MMORPG related, but there are titles in there I am very excited for anyway. Farming Simulator 19, here I come!

I did install some MMORPGs while on Christmas vacation though. I discovered that Luna Online, which I was pretty sure had sunsetted, is on Steam as Luna Online: Reborn I have some fond but very vague memories of that game, so I installed it. I think I saw one other player when I jumped on to try it out, but I am not going to assume the game is completely empty. It is still cute and grindy, just like the good old days.

Yep. Back to Newbville, population: me. 


I also installed Conqueror’s Blade, which has been on my “when I get around to it” list since it came out. I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet. I will come back with my thoughts on it when I do.

I am still on a Skyrim kick. I started over to play an unmodded playthrough in order to check off more achievements on Steam. I am not sure why I care, except that I have a good number of them already and want to complete the set.

I wrote a retrospective of the games I have played and written about for Massively OP. I was also one of the folks at the end of the year roundtable episode of the podcast. I can’t bring myself to listen to it because I feel weird about hearing my voice. (I am going to have to get over that if I ever want to do some podcasting of my own, and I have been thinking about that possibility for some time.)

I also started a new blog project that’s related to tracking my progress toward self-improvement over the next decade, but that’s not even remotely gaming related. I am cutting back on social media to make time for writing, so expect to see more of me all over the place.


Astellia Free Trial Weekends

If you’ve been on the fence about buying Astellia, here’s a bit of good news: Beginning this Friday (12/20/19) through Sunday, January 5, 2020, Astellia will be having three free trial weekends. To take advantage of this, go to their site, create an account, and enter the code HAPPYHOLIDAYWEEKENDS .

(The space between the code and the period is to make it easier for my fellow copy-&-paste people.)