2021 Gaming Plans

It’s coming up on that time of the year when people do their retrospectives and set new goals. I am going to skip the retrospective and get on with the goal setting.

  1. Play more, write more. If I am going to write about games, it would be helpful for me to play them. If I am going to play games, I might as well write about them.
  2. Try something new every month. A new game, a new class, whatever it takes to keep things fresh and moving along.
  3. Give DC Universe Online and Champions Online a fair shake. I have started both, but they are both just sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to come back to my little newblets.
  4. Persuade my husband and mother to give video games a try. I have been trying to do this for a few years now, but maybe this will be the year.

I hate to commit to anything more than that, given the unpredictability of life, the universe, and everything.


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