2019 seems to be in a real hurry. We’re in the fourth month as of today. It is my youngest grandchild’s birthday, so happy birthday to The Grub! (Even her parents call her that. For real.)

For the record, I don’t do April Fools’ nonsense. I hate practical jokes. I hate how gullible I am even more.

March was a relatively light gaming month. I spent more of my evenings with my kids and husband, and I spend most of my days at the day job.  I’ve also been struggling with some depression. (Note to self, write about gaming and mental health at some point.) My most played MMO games were Riders of Icarus, Project Gorgon, and Black Desert Online. I played a lot of the single-player Dawn of Man as well.

My plans for April include playing a lot more Elder Scrolls Online. I have been thinking about buying Elsweyr, so I should probably actually play the game.  I will also explore Shroud of the Avatar over the next couple of weeks. And I will probably play some more Dawn of Man, just because I want to see how my current village turns out.

Oh, and Steam just now popped up a notification that it is done downloading TERA. So there’s that.



The Great (Re)installation

Since the laptop surgery, I have been adding games back onto my computer– games I was playing, games I haven’t played in a long time, and even a few that are completely new to me. It is very heavy on the MMORPGs, and some of them have been installed specifically so that I can explore and  then write about how that went.

This is what I have in my desktop folder for game shortcuts:


(Yes, I organize my shortcuts and frequently used files into folders on my desktop because I don’t like too many icons on my desktop, but I do use them to launch programs.)

As I type this, I am patching Blade & Soul (not in the image above) because I want to collect my Hong Moon Ascension pack that I got for registering prior to the release of the new expansion. As I have previously revealed, I love the digital doodads. This one has some nice stuff in it:


In other news, I have been playing some Project: Gorgon. I will reveal a little more about that later. In the meantime, I am not sure it has actually been saving the screenshots it said it was saving, since I can’t seem to find them anywhere on my PC. I did a Google search, and it seems like this problem might be an actual thing, so that’s something I need to work out in the next couple of days.

And, on the topic of Project: Gorgon, I see that they’ve added a free demo (details here) and they have a store in which they are selling packages that include things that aren’t currently in the game yet, like horse riding and breeding.

I would like to support the game, but the packages are $50, $75, and $500. That seems a little steep for things that haven’t been implemented yet. And while I really enjoy the game, it is an early access game that I paid $39.99 for already.

Maybe they could sell some t-shirts. I have paid out some foolish amounts of money on t-shirts for podcasts that I love. I like to wear my fandoms.

That’s the news around here. Blade & Soul is still downloading stuff. I think I am going to wrap things up around here and then crawl into bed. The day job is expecting to see me in the morning.