Major ESO Update Coming 2/24

The Elder Scrolls Online will undergo a change to patching that will require a complete client re-download. This should improve performance for everyone, but especially console players. More importantly, the thank-you gift for the inconvenience is a free Crimson Torchbug Pet from the Crown Store. By now, dear readers, you know how I feel about free digital doodads. Must have them.

Crimson Torchbug Pet

This is a link to the official announcement on the ESO site. 


Black Desert Online continued to dominate my gaming (in any genre) in 2019. I played a little bit of a lot of games otherwise, most notably Riders of Icarus, which was my main game for a couple of months. In the final weeks of the year, I took up Destiny 2, which is really fun, despite how very bad I am at shooters. I also finally got around to purchasing Elsweyr expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online.

I want to try some new things, both in gaming and blogging, in 2020.

First, I want to give The Elder Scrolls Online a fair shake. I have had some fun playing it, but I seem to jump in during those periods when my real life doesn’t actually leave a lot of time for gaming. That’s a shame because I can see that there’s a really solid game there. I want to give it its due. And I am a pretty hot dude in that game.


I want to get back to bringing all my BDO characters up to level 50+. That doesn’t actually take too long, but lately, I have had a hard time finding play sessions long enough to make progress on that goal. I do have a bunch of characters that have hit the target, but there are a bunch lagging behind. That can happen when you have 15 characters in a game. I am all excited about the new Guardian class, which will make it 16.


But my main goal for MMO gaming in 2020 is to be more social, both in-game and in the communities that surround the games and the genre. I might even invite other people to join my BDO guild.