The Great (Re)installation

Since the laptop surgery, I have been adding games back onto my computer– games I was playing, games I haven’t played in a long time, and even a few that are completely new to me. It is very heavy on the MMORPGs, and some of them have been installed specifically so that I can explore and  then write about how that went.

This is what I have in my desktop folder for game shortcuts:


(Yes, I organize my shortcuts and frequently used files into folders on my desktop because I don’t like too many icons on my desktop, but I do use them to launch programs.)

As I type this, I am patching Blade & Soul (not in the image above) because I want to collect my Hong Moon Ascension pack that I got for registering prior to the release of the new expansion. As I have previously revealed, I love the digital doodads. This one has some nice stuff in it:


In other news, I have been playing some Project: Gorgon. I will reveal a little more about that later. In the meantime, I am not sure it has actually been saving the screenshots it said it was saving, since I can’t seem to find them anywhere on my PC. I did a Google search, and it seems like this problem might be an actual thing, so that’s something I need to work out in the next couple of days.

And, on the topic of Project: Gorgon, I see that they’ve added a free demo (details here) and they have a store in which they are selling packages that include things that aren’t currently in the game yet, like horse riding and breeding.

I would like to support the game, but the packages are $50, $75, and $500. That seems a little steep for things that haven’t been implemented yet. And while I really enjoy the game, it is an early access game that I paid $39.99 for already.

Maybe they could sell some t-shirts. I have paid out some foolish amounts of money on t-shirts for podcasts that I love. I like to wear my fandoms.

That’s the news around here. Blade & Soul is still downloading stuff. I think I am going to wrap things up around here and then crawl into bed. The day job is expecting to see me in the morning.