The Big News Edition

Phantasy Star Online 2 has launched on Steam. This is great news for people who found the Microsoft store frustrating. There’s also a major overhaul coming in 2021 called PSO2: New Genesis. It will be a stand alone game, with the original PSO2 remaining in operation as well. You can read about it here.

Final Fantasy XIV also had some big news. In addition to the new 5.3 patch (which I haven’t really investigated yet), if you own the Starter Edition (the base game), it will be upgraded on August 11 to include Heavensward. The free trial will also be upgraded. This is a great time to try to convince your friends and family to come check it out with you.

Over in Black Desert Online, the Summer Season server will be ending sooner than originally announced. The new end date is August 26. The second season will coincide with the release of the new Hashashin class on September 2. Pre-creation for the new season characters and the Hashashin class will start on the 26th. There are generally some rewards for precreating characters, so if you’re interested in being a desert assassin, you’ll probably want to jump on that. You can grab the details here.

None of those links are affiliate links or anything. It might have been nice if they were, since I am currently unemployed and could use a little cash. Strangely, being at home all the time with my family hasn’t freed up a lot of time for writing or gaming. We are adjusting to this new normal now, accepting that it is here to stay, so I hope my family will back off and let me do things other than pay attention to them 24/7.

With the gaming time I have managed to scrape together, I have been playing Black Desert. I have really enjoyed playing on the season server. Having a deadline to do what you’re going to do in game adds a new facet to the game that I like a lot. I am playing a mystic, so this is a new class for me as well. If you’re looking to jump into the game, you could try out the season server– it is very much geared toward the growth of your character, and your character will convert to a regular character at the end.

It might be just as well to wait for the new season, though. I will be rolling Hashashin for the next season server. So will everyone else. That’s how new class releases work.

My husband is calling and the kids want dinner. Back to real reality.


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