2020 might not be so bad after all…

No, no, hear me out…

Sure, there’s a crazy pandemic going on and every time you turn around some disaster is happening somewhere, but on the other hand, Phantasy Star Online 2 for PC is almost here, Blue Protocol looks like it is shaping up to be something I’d like to play, and New World will almost certainly maybe perhaps release before the end of the year (if it doesn’t hit the August date they’ve announced.)

I have been cynical about the hype around upcoming games in the past. And, as you may have just noticed, I am still extremely skeptical of announced release dates. PSO2, however, is not a new game and its track record in Japan speaks for itself. It’s a game people have waited years for. Blue Protocol looks gorgeous and the gameplay videos I have seen from the Japanese closed beta appear promising. And I preordered New World based on the alpha last fall; all the changes they’ve announced just make me more sure of that decision. We should get at least ONE decent game out of those three, and that will be more than we’ve gotten during some years of the Great MMO Drought.

Then there’s Greymoor hitting The Elder Scrolls Online. And, although it is of little interest to most people, EverQuest has two new progression servers debuting on May 27th. (I subscribed to All Access for 3 months to play on Aradune. That’s right. I gave Daybreak money on purpose.)

See, 2020 does have a silver lining. A very thinly plated silver lining, but that’s better than nothing.


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