Why is finding a guild so hard?!

I have been in some good guilds, back in EverQuest, then World of Warcraft, then Jade Dynasty. At some point, though, I started playing irregular hours, and fewer hours total. That sort of thing happens when you have a lot of adulting to do.


Maybe I am just really bad at meeting people these days. I just have the worst time finding guilds to join in games where I don’t know anyone else playing. (That’s pretty much all of them all of the time. Even when I know people playing, we end up playing at different times or on different servers or different factions.)

I do sometimes find guilds by answering recruitment messages in general chat. Sometimes I have good luck with that, but mostly I struggle to find a good fit. I like a chatty, social guild where people get together and do things together. I am just not going to be a hardcore player at this point in my life, and I can’t guarantee that I will play regularly or predictably. I just want to make some friends. I would probably play more regularly if I had a fun guild with casual chat to look forward to.

I am shy and socially awkward in real life. I carry those traits with me into games. I feel like I need a guild to adopt me as their pet in the games I play. You know, take me in, coax me out from under the bed, reassure me that everything is ok, maybe toss me some catnip. There should be an app for that. They could call it “Guilder.”



One thought on “Why is finding a guild so hard?!

  1. It is certainly analogous to daily life, where I end up with people I know, acquaintances and such, but there is this barrier between that state and being an actual friend. There was a This American Life episode that explored how difficult it can be as an adult, with all the adulting to do every day, to form the social bond that can get you to friends.

    I am very bad at finding guilds. I end up in a guild, but not part of the guild. The most successful guild experience for me of late has been our WoW Classic guild, and one of the members is friend from high school I have known since 1981, so already a friend.

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