Testing out the new keyboard.

This entry is mainly an opportunity to try out my new keyboard, but it will get around to broader hardware issues. I am open to suggestions on that front.

My computer, the one upon which all my games are played, is a laptop. I have had it for a couple of years now, and it does just fine with most games. The thing is, I am not the only one who uses my personal laptop. Sometimes my 14-year-old daughter will borrow it to play games that her computer (my old laptop) won’t run. Sometimes my 4-year-old uses it to watch Netflix. And, to be fair, sometimes I eat and drink around my computer. So it should come as no surprise that my keyboard has a come to have a couple of little issues, the worst of which is a sticky, almost unusable space bar.

Maybe I just wore it out trying to jump up the side of mountains in Skyrim.

I have a flexible, roll-up rubber keyboard that I bought to convert for conlanging purposes, and it is both functional and waterproof, but the action on it is very soft (as one would probably expect) so it wasn’t sufficient for the amount of typing I do on a daily basis. I ended up ordering a cheap keyboard from Wish, and while the construction is obviously cheap, it feels pretty good.

I won’t be replacing this laptop for another year, but I am thinking about going back to a desktop the year after next. Who knows what the latest and greatest will be at that point, but I will be aiming for the high end of the mid-range in order to fit into my budget. I might build it, or I might just order one. I have built PCs before, and that can be cheaper, but there’s something to be said for the ease of just taking one out of the box and plugging it in.


2 thoughts on “Testing out the new keyboard.

  1. I had a gaming laptop once, but to be honest, the power you get for the pricetag just doesn’t cut it.

    If you HAVE to have a laptop, then, sure, better to buy only one machine than two, but if it doesn’t have to be one I’d absolutely recommend buying a desktop.


    1. I don’t have a permanent place to work and play in my house right now, so the laptop is necessary at this point. I plan to carve a little office space out of the basement soon, though, and then it may be desktop time. 🙂

      I need to find myself a side hustle so I can set myself up.

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