What. A. Week.

Blizzard stepped in it big time. Who even knows what’s going on at ArenaNet at this point? And then Shroud of the Avatar got sold off. (I know. I am shocked too. /sarcasm.)

And that’s without touching any of the issues out there in the wider world.

In other news, I’ve been playing a little KurtzPel and it is a fun game if you like fast-paced 2v2 action. It turns out that I do. They have some other modes for more players, but I haven’t had a chance to check those out yet. I think it probably falls into the MMO-adjacent category, but with so many studios running away from being called an “MMORPG” (or “MMO-anything”), it is nice to see one running toward it.

I have also been playing Trove. I bounced off it in the past, but it turns out that there’s actually a game under that blocky exterior.

I planned on playing a game of Everyone is John over Discord last night, but everyone in my family is sick and I just didn’t have it in me when I finally got the little one down for the night.

Here I am saying “What a week!” on Wednesday night. I already feel like this is a week where I will be crawling over that finish line after work on Friday night myself. Anyone else with me on that? Anyone ready to pour themselves a Friday night drink and play games until they can’t stay awake any longer?

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