Fall is coming. It’s right over there —>

Cider and pumpkins have appeared in my local Walmart. The back-to-school stuff is on its way out and sweaters are on the way in. It was 43F/6C when I got up this morning. Time to pour yourself a pumpkin spice latte and get into your cold-weather MMO groove.

I want to expand on one of my tweets from last night


I am disappointed about the cancellation of Peria Chronicles.

As you may recall, Peria Chronicles was one of two games I was tentatively looking forward to. I guess I can play Mabinogi to fill that void.

With Nexon canceling a game I was looking forward to and offloading another that I play, I am not getting warm fuzzies about their plans for the PC MMO space.

I might buy into Archeage Unchained. 

Two reasons:

  1. It is supposed to be buy-to-play and less pay-to-win than the current retail version. Whether that turns out to be 100% true, I do want to encourage that idea.
  2. I have only dabbled in Archeage a tiny bit a couple of times, so a fresh start seems like a great time to jump in.

I don’t have a lot of experience with Gamigo, but it doesn’t have a great reputation. Nonetheless, I do appreciate them stepping in to save what they could of Trion’s stable of games. Some people have pointed to the closing of Atlas Reactor as some kind of proof that they aren’t to be trusted, but I get the impression that it was an odd duck that was going to be hard to save. I am willing to give them a shot on this one. I hope they do something similar for Rift.

My resistance to WoW Classic is waning.

I wasn’t going to do it. I’m just not the WoW-type, I said. But maybe I am.

I want to jump on the bandwagon while it is still a bandwagon. I last played WoW in 2005, so it will be relatively familiar, and I’d like to join a guild and see what it is like to play without a newborn and the influence of my late ex-husband.


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