Foreshadowing Blaugust

The title is a lie. I won’t be foreshadowing. I will just flat out tell you what I have planned for all that blogging I will be doing here in August.

  1. I am going to play a new character in The Elder Scrolls Online and blog about it once a week from the point of view of the character.
  2. I will post a three-part series on MMORPG maps and geography, the first part on the physical maps and the days before maps were a thing, the second part on in-game maps, and the last on the geography of game worlds.
  3. I am going to try to play (and write about) some Neverwinter. Their Uprising update is coming on August 13, but I will try to be in the game before that with my existing characters. This update looks like it is going to have a lot in it, including a new race, and I am a sucker for new races or classes in an update or expansion.
  4. I will try to post more news announcements, as well as general gaming thoughts, to fill out a lot of the rest of the month.

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