MAY. Yes. MAY.

April came and went in a flurry of IRL activity. My mom, three of my kids, and two of my grandkids had birthdays. The memorial service for my brother finally happened. Easter fell in April, too. And then there was all the usual stuff– work, appointments, domestic chores, and so on.

That left relatively little gaming time, and I sacrificed a lot of it playing Shroud of the Avatar. Despite what one commenter said, I played a lot more than 45 minutes. Perhaps I shouldn’t have cut the other 600 words of the article describing my adventures, but it largely read like a list of areas I checked out and what killed me while I was there. It is fair to accuse me of not grouping, but I didn’t see many other players in any of the areas I was in. I have thought about it, and I think I am going to try to get some people together to take more of a BYOG approach.

I put enough time into Riders of Icarus to get some snazzy mounts as attendance rewards and a pet purchased with writs. I am trying to spread the rewards among my 4 characters because I enjoy all of them to one degree or another.

I did some AFK fishing in BDO to take advantage of Mystical Ellie’s Water Festival. That was good for some quick cash.

Ummm… What else? I had a thought, but it has escaped me.

This month, I plan to play some of The Elder Scrolls Online with my son and his fiancee. This is a little hard to arrange because my son’s work schedule runs earlier than mine, so he needs to get to bed early, and we both have small children in the house– my granddaughter is 3, and my Child #7 is 4. I am looking forward to getting in and having some fun, though.

I am also looking at playing one or more of the odd games I have queued up and waiting for me to play and write about– Dofus, Tree of Savior, Elsword, Wakfu, NosTale, and/or Mabinogi. (Actually, I have a lot more than that, but these are the next on my list, and all seem to fall into some sort of cute-anime-ish category.)  I hope to persuade one or more people to accompany me on the journey, and I will try to engage with the communities a little better this time.

My schedule is all out of whack for the next few weeks because I have appointments to deal with some ongoing ailments, so I shifted my day job schedule around to accommodate those. I need to start working harder on a freelancing career so that I can leave the day job and have the flexibility I need to deal with all the rest of my life. I’d like the freedom to work any 60 hours that I want, as one of my college professors once joked about his own job. My day job does offer some really good benefits, so that’s a complicating factor. I am also the only working adult in the house, so I have a lot responsibility for other people.


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