My Shameful Addiction

I don’t know why I started afk fishing in BDO, but after a while, I went so far as buying a character slot for a dedicated fisher. (Fisherman? fisherwoman? fishervalk?… Fisher will do.)  I’m always happy to discover I’ve fished up keys, relic shards, and event items. I am not keen on leaving my computer on 24/7, but I have been known to let it go while I’m at work or overnight. I have also been known to get up in the middle of the night to clear my bag and start again. That’s totally normal behavior, right?

I haven’t been playing BDO as much lately, but I have been playing Riders of Icarus. I knew that there was fishing in the game because I saw the global announcements about the cool stuff people were getting from fishing. A little investigation told me that fishing could only be done in certain areas. I finally reached a level that had me in the area of one of the fishing grounds– that’s when I started using all the premium fishing stuff I had gotten as daily login rewards. Glorious auto-fishing! It’s the perfect thing to go with the half-hour wait for login rewards when I am too busy to actually settle in to play, or when I am going to play right after I do the dishes/laundry/homework my kid put off until the last second.

Autofishing? Really? Of all the in-game activities I could get hooked on*? Really?!

(*I apologize for that bit of word play. Sorry. HA!)


3 thoughts on “My Shameful Addiction

  1. I love the fishing in BDO and given fishing is such a boring activity kind of understand yet also abhor the autofishing. Fishing in mmos is my favorite relaxing activity and BDO has such an amazing seamless world to play in just wish they didn’t make it a mindless activity. It’s not like crops harvest themselves or you can auto attack mobs afk. No doubt if BDO were a western mmo this wouldn’t be the case. Frustrating for me. Although love the horse autopathing lol!


    1. I assume you know that you can, in fact, fish actively? It’s a pretty neat minigame, and I sometimes do it for 20 minutes or so when I’m at Port Ratt, then sell all the fish in Ancado (where I would go anyway for the sailing daily) for a pretty neat profit.

      You just can’t do it (fish actively, that is) at places where the fishing resources are depleted because it just takes too long there, practically turning it into AFK fishing whether you like it or not. But when you have a nice spot where the resources are abundant and use paste bait it only takes like 15 seconds or so for something to bite.

      I don’t AFk fish because my horses need their training lessons during that time. 🙂


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