Riders of Icarus: Generous & Greedy

I logged in last night to collect my last free log-in gift for the month, a writ that I could spend at the February writ vendor. I collected all 4 over the course of the month, which allowed me to purchase a dragon mount (Radiant Kerav) for my secondary character. My main character had already collected a phantom wolf mount and a pet (Lovely Daveen– it feels weird calling what appears to be a little girl “a pet”).  Riders of Icarus is very generous with their login rewards.

ScreenShot 2019-02-27 (21-09-13)ScreenShot 2019-02-27 (21-14-52)

On the other hand, they just ran event based on how much NX  [Nexon premium currency] you spent, and the starting point for participation was 90,000 NX ($90). (See http://icarus.nexon.net/en/news/article/43457/crokhoon-s-treasure-trove-february-2019, opens in new window). The cash shop has plenty of loot boxes for sale as well, and we all know how those work– they are a money sink.

Some of their premium items can be bought with Ellun, a currency that can be earned in game, which is to their credit, but they are happy to sell you the Ellun for NX as a shortcut. That feels a little pay-to-win-ish to me.

It just strikes me as funny that a game can both be very generous to its players, while simultaneously trying to get into the wallets of those same players. It’s certainly less funny when a game just does the latter.





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