BDO Central Market

BDO now has a central market. It is pretty simple to use. The “Marketplace” button in your storage at the storage keeper now opens the warehouse window, or you can use the “Central Market” button at your local market NPC.   Items to sell are listed from your warehouse, and you have to put money in your warehouse to buy things.

If you had stuff listed on the old system, you can still retrieve those listed items and/or cash from sales at the market NPC.

I grabbed a few screenshots of the interface while I was checking it out at the market NPC.





2 thoughts on “BDO Central Market

  1. Technical issues aside (like many others I had to apply some kind of fix that did stuff to the windows registry, which I’m always wary about, for it to even work) I’m not yet sure if the new system is an improvement for me personally or not.

    The fact that you can’t set notifications for stuff being put on sale anymore means that sniping is pretty much a thing of the past. This combined with the fact that most things got quite a bit more expensive means that I really wish I had tried to snipe some gear before the change. A TRI Bheg’s Gloves, for example, would’ve cost something like 350 mil before, when I had a look today the price was 700 mil. And, again, you can’t try to snipe it unless you sit at the marketboard all day and spam refresh.

    On the other hand you can actually get stuff now that was pretty much never available before. That, too, is more expensive now, but at least you can get it at all. Also, many items are now worth it to actually sell them, which wasn’t the case before and the main reason for the scarcity. Folks would rather have it gather dust in their storage than sell it for a pittance.

    Overall I’d say that it’s definitely better now for anybody who’s selling stuff. For buyers it might be a mixed bag in the long run.

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    1. That’s fair. I am mostly a seller of materials and crafted items, so it seems adequate to me, and I figured out how it worked pretty quickly without having to resort to googling. Here’s hoping things get tuned a little better in the long run!

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