Look at me, being social

Last night in Riders of Icarus, I accepted help from a much higher level player. Tonight, I chatted for quite a while with another player about the game and other games we’ve been playing. This is about the most social I have been in an MMORPG in quite a long time. And this is supposed to be a main feature of online gaming!

Part of the problem is me. It is not that I am antisocial, but I don’t really engage with the communities of games I am playing. I feel bad that my schedule tends to be erratic, so I often don’t even join a guild for fear of not contributing enough. And I am mom, grandma, wife, friend, and employee before I am a gamer, so sometimes I cut my sessions short or disappear entirely for days or weeks. I am not super reliable in game because I am all kinds of reliable out of game.

I won’t take all the blame. Some of the games I have played have ranged from toxically competitive to cesspools of sexism, racism, and harassment. Other games are so soloing friendly for leveling that it gets to be almost mandatory. This isn’t so bad if you are joining an old game late, but it doesn’t do much for you if you are looking to play with other people and make friends.

I have enjoyed interacting with people the last couple of nights. I will do more of that.


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