I already had a base game account through Steam, but I am a super cheapskate and decides to take advantage of the Twitch offer to try FFXIV again, so I downloaded the launcher and created a new account. I had no issues with any of that.

I created a Duskwight Elezen Arcanist A cave elf of one of the magic user classes, essentially. She’s got a nice dark elf look to her. I am pleased. In fact, I was going to hold off posting about this until I had screenshots to show, but I have decided to outline what I plan to do with the rest of my free month.

Obviously, FFXIV didn’t stick for me when I tried it a couple of times in the past, but I tended to play it much the same way I have played other games in recent years, which is to say, without paying much attention to story, or quest text, or voice acting, or… well, you get the picture. I have heard so many good things about the story in FFXIV that I have decided to actually pay attention to it this time.

Last night, after spending way too much time on character customization (as I always do), I got into the game and actually watched the cinematic and read all the text. Altogether, I played for a little over an hour in the middle of the night, and only got as far as arriving in Limsa Lominsa and signing up at the adventurers guild.

I enjoyed it. I will do more of that. And I will try to be social in this game too. I think that might enhance my experience.

One thought on “FFXIV Plan

  1. I’m not sure how far you’ve gotten in past attempts at getting into FFXIV, but it is worth saying that the early story quests are a bit of a grind. I tuned out really badly a few times and only managed to hit an actual level cap with Stormblood despite starting with the revamped game in 2014!

    But, the story quests early on build up good characters that get a decent amount of screen time later, and by the time you get into Heavensward, everything gets way more streamlined for the better. There is just a lot of long dialogues and back and forth questing that happens first. If you can make it out of that – everything is a lot more fun.


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