Briefly: Somewhat relevant podcasts

My day job is data entry for a chain of grocery store pharmacies, which allows me a great deal of time to listen to podcasts. There are a couple I thought I would highlight here.

The first is actually very relevant for MMO/MMORPG players: The Massively OP Podcast. It is published every Tuesday and features Justin Olivetti and Bree Royce talking about what they are playing, MMO game and industry news, and discussing listener email. Their banter is light and cheerful, even when one of them is ranting. Sometimes they have other people from the Massively OP staff on as guests. I enjoy this podcast enough to check my podcast app all afternoon to see if it is out yet.

The second is more of a general gaming discussion podcast: The Gamers With Jobs Conference Call . It’s a larger round-table discussion that covers not only video games, but sometimes board games and the like as well. The banter is fun, with the usual hosts teasing each other a bit at times. They talk about what they are playing, then have a discussion topic, as well as highlighting listener emails and a forum thread of the week. It can run a bit long at times, but I usually don’t mind, since I am tethered to my desk for 7.5 hours a day anyway.

There are a couple of others out there that I sometimes dip into, but can’t really recommend those due to content issues or just generally sucking more often than not.



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