I have no memory of this place…

I logged into GW2 last night, thinking I would stream it for a while. That didn’t last long. I died twice within 15 minutes and decided to do something else. It was kind of embarrassing, really.

I didn’t realize that I had apparently switched weapons the last time I played, so the spells on my hotbar were not what I expected. After my first death, I switched out weapons and had slightly better luck, but after not playing for a couple of weeks, I was a little disoriented and out of my necromancer groove.

This sometimes happens when I haven’t played a game in a while, but I can usually get back in the saddle pretty quickly. I am still pretty new at GW2, though, so I was barely hanging onto the horse to start with. I am playing on a froob account, so I only have 2 character slots, and I have used them both, so I can’t even start fresh and get back into it that way.

I ended up playing Stardew Valley instead. I didn’t even play co-op. Just me and my little farm, about as un-MMORPG as you can get


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