I love the digital doodads.

I love free stuff in games. Daily log-in gifts? Codes from MMO news sites? Bundles for connecting one account to another? Holiday, birthday, and anniversary presents? Yes, please. All that and anything else you’ve got in the freebie bag!

I am not one to spend money on purely cosmetic stuff, but if you want to give it to me, I will wear it. I especially like unique event items that say, “Yeah. That’s right. I was there.” That appeals to both my gamer pride and my cheapskate side.

I keep my cash shop spending pretty minimal. When I moved from EQ to Jade Dynasty (RIP), I set my monthly spending at $20 a month, approximately what I had been paying for SOE’s All Access. I have purchased a few things in BDO, especially when I could get a good deal, but they aren’t keeping the lights on based on what they make off of me. (I am more into spending Loyalty, which I gather as a side effect of logging in for attendance rewards. Two birds, meet one stone.)

I did not log into Bless often enough in December to get a Christmas pet, and I was disappointed by that. If I am a nut for free in-game junk, I am twice as crazy for free pets and mounts.

I was googling around to see if I could get a list of games with daily attendance rewards, and I came across a discussion in which a number of people said that they were turned off by games with check-in gifts. I was surprised by that. Who doesn’t like free stuff? More people than I imagined, it turns out.

Of course, any number greater than zero was more than I imagined.

I realize I am probably more enthusiastic about virtual swag than most people. Most people could probably take it or leave it. What about you? Love it, hate it, or never even think about it?


3 thoughts on “I love the digital doodads.

  1. I have conflicted feelings about it. On one hand, I like the free stuff too. On the other there are times where I am so burnt out that just the thought of logging in the game puts me off. But if there is some kind of daily login in thing going on I feel like I wasted it because I didn’t want to even do that.
    It gets worse if I have friends playing, they say hi by seeing me logging in and I have to explain that I am just passing by to get the daily login stuff and not really there to play. /sigh

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