While everyone else was posting their year-in-review and year-ahead articles in December, I was…


So, it’s January, and here I am. I’ll keep this pretty brief because you’ve probably read enough of these this last month, and I don’t have any really hot takes that are going to knock your socks off. Just some moderately warm takes that might make you raise an eyebrow.

2018 was not a great year for MMORPGs, and it wasn’t even that good in the MMO-adjacent spaces. From disappointing releases to shutdowns and lay-offs, 2018 should hang its head in shame and slink off into a corner to think about what it has done.

My personal game year was dominated by Black Desert Online, which wasn’t a new game.

Wildstar closing down, while not a surprise, was heartbreaking to me. I liked Wildstar. While I do love an underdog, that’s not why I liked Wildstar. I thought the art was beautiful and the gameplay was fun. It could have really been something. In the end, it was never my main game, but it is a shame when a game you like to pop into isn’t there to pop into anymore.

I am not going to crap on Bless Online like so many other people have done in their retrospectives, mainly because I do still play it from time to time. It’s a pretty average Eastern MMO, which is exactly what I expected, so I wasn’t hugely let down like so many other people were. It’s not the worst game I have ever tried to play. They recently merged down to a single server, which speaks to the problems the game continues to have, but it is not, as some people like to claim, unplayable.

I think the launch of Atlas at the tail end of 2018 has given the haters something new to hate on, anyway. I haven’t played it, but the videos look awful and frustrating. I didn’t buy Atlas because I already own and dislike Ark.

And what was that thing at the end of the year with Daybreak and their lifetime subs?! “We have a limited number, act fast!” and then, “Oh, we found a few thousand more behind the couch. Money, please!” As if Daybreak didn’t seem slimy and money-grubbing enough already… Ew. Just. EW.

Games that were already good pretty much stayed that way, fan grumbling aside. That’s hardly newsworthy, but I wanted to include some good news.

It was a good year for Warframe. That’s something, I guess.

What am I looking forward to in 2019? Nothing. Unlike other people, I am not going to say that there’s nothing good on the horizon. I just have a lot on my plate for the coming year, and I foresee myself continuing to play the games I already have, both MMO and otherwise. Wake me up if the mythical WoW-killer comes along.

I wish you all the very best in this new year. Please let me know what you’re excited for in 2019. Maybe I will get excited too.




One thought on “2018/2019

  1. I complain as much, if not more, than the average gamer, taking the time to even write it all down for public display. But, in the end, I still find the time to enjoy the games that I do. I have a post brewing about how I am still feeling the hangover of the last decade, when the whole MMORPG thing seemed new and exciting and it seemed like we would keep getting more titles that would keep getting better and better. The attraction and the longing for the new, the genre could only deliver on that for so long. So I roll my eyes and scoff and this and that, but I also accept that I am having a fine time in whatever old title I am playing currently.

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