GW2 Finally Clicks

I worked all day yesterday, came home, ate dinner, assembled a Playmobil toy with approximately 24 quadrillion tiny pieces that my kiddo got for Christmas, got that kiddo to bed, and then played Guild Wars 2 until 1:30 in the morning. Today is a coffee-heavy day, but it was worth it. I had a lot of fun.

This is a game that has been sitting on my hard drive waiting to be played or uninstalled for a long time. At least 3 years, which I know because my ranger got 3rd birthday gifts when I logged her in. For most of that time, I just had that one character, who was all of level 5. It just never clicked. Then I got an email about the Roller Beetle Racing event they were running. I never did get to the race, but it did get me to log in. To my amazement, it was suddenly a lot more fun and interesting than I remembered. I created a necromancer, but it wasn’t a matter of trying a new class, as I’ve been playing the ranger too, and that’s just as much fun as the necro. I was just finally ready for GW2, or it was ready for me. (Probably the former, really.)

I have had this experience with other MMORPGs in the past– I get a new game, sometimes even one that I have been looking forward, and then it just isn’t compelling enough at that point for me to keep playing, but on a later try, I find that I can’t stop playing. I can bounce off a game a bunch of times before I stick to it. Sometimes it’s just that my head isn’t in the right place for that particular game. And sometimes the game eventually changes enough to be something I can really get into.

It’s a little bit funny to me that MMORPG players are the kind of gamers who actually want a game that will grab them by the ankles and drag them down into the rabbit hole. Many people want a game they can make a multi-year commitment to. And that’s not a criticism. I am one of those people. I not only want a game that always has just one more thing to do before bed followed by ok this is really the last thing, but I also want the relationships I used to have in guilds.

I guess I might start looking for a GW2 guild. This game looks like it going to stick for a while.


One thought on “GW2 Finally Clicks

  1. Yeah, it sometimes goes like this.

    My GF checked out Black Desert a couple years ago and didn’t like it at all. Because I play it a lot at the moment she tried again last week, and now she’s like “WHY DOES THIS GODDAMN DOWNTIME TAKE THAT LONG???” 🙂


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