Happy Holidays! Happy Winter Steam Sale!

I have had a few blog topics bouncing around in my head for a few weeks now, but December has been jam packed with more IRL than MMO. That said, my archer in BDO is about 47% into level 52, so it hasn’t been a complete wash.

Prior to the release of the archer in Black Desert, I had started playing a lot of Guild Wars 2. I have a whole other blog post in me about that. Soon.

I received 2 $20 Steam cards for Christmas, which would have been enough to buy my first choice, Rimworld (which is not on sale), but I opted to load up on old RPGs I haven’t played, such as The Witcher series and the Dragon Age: Origin Ultimate Edition. I have $6 and change left, and I am torn between getting Neverwinter Nights (1) for the third time (because I am feeling the urge to build my own stories) or Speed Dating for Ghosts, or a couple other super cheap things from my wishlist. It is nice to have these decisions to make from abundance, rather than lack.

Did y’all get anything good for the winter holiday of your choice?

I am writing this on my phone from bed because I seem to have caught myself a jolly little stomach flu. It is a sacrifice I am willing to make for you, dear reader.

Now I sleep.


One thought on “Happy Holidays! Happy Winter Steam Sale!

  1. I got a Steam Gift Card from my brother for Christmas. So I decided to clean my Wishlist a bit. Most of it was Megaman games since it is a series I loved back in the days but due to circumstances missed a lot of the games over the years. So this is a way to rectify that. 🙂

    Besides those I got Bayonetta and a couple other games that were pretty cheap.


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