Reflections and blog stuff..

I have had plenty of time to prepare for the end of Wildstar, so I didn’t expect to be sad about it all over again, but I am. People have been posting memories since yesterday, and it just makes me miss my Chuas and all the rest of my roster.

How long will it be before we have another race of psychotic critters that isn’t variations on the catgirl theme? A long time, I would bet.

I haven’t had much play time this week. What time I did have was mostly spent trying to get my streaming software to capture and stream video. I finally worked that out. I hope to stream a bit on Saturday night.

Now for the good news! We have a new writer coming onboard who who be reviewing mobile games. The first article is about Old School Runescape. I will put it up as soon as it is edited and ready to go– probably tomorrow or Saturday.


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