Thanks(giving), BDO!

Black Desert Online has some holiday stuff and an experience boost (10x!) going on right now, if you want to get in on that this weekend. That concludes the news portion of this post.

They have introduced a feature into BDO that allows you to buy a book from a vendor that will let you use a training dummy to level up combat experience, (combat) skill experience, or both simultaneously without your active participation for a set amount of time. Last night, I decided to take advantage of the current experience boost event and try out this AFK training system, so I took my level 56 Maehwa to Altinova, where I knew there were open training dummies available, and dropped 5 million silver each on books to autogrind some experience and skill points for 5 hours. Then I went to sleep for a while.

When I came back, it had stopped and  I had gained 82% of my level, bringing me to 96-point-something percent of my level. I also gained 93 skill points.  Due to the huge experience boost of the event, this was a real bargain for 10 million silver.  Here’s a guide to afk leveling, for a more typical representation.  It is easy and fast to get to level 54 in this game, but every level after that is a harder and harder slog, and I prefer questing and life skill activities over grinding, so I think I might use this again after I hit 57, even if it is slower and more expensive without the experience boost.

I am researching a good post-Awakening maehwa build, as I have a skill reset item in my inventory that I would like to use to make more sense of my build. What I see so far suggests I still need another 500 or so skill points, so I will just keep spending points on what looks good for my PvE-centric play and worry about switching to a better build if and when I get a few hundred more points.

Oh, if you’ve read my BDO posts on this blog in the past, you know one of my projects is to get all of my characters to level 50, at least. I am up to 4 out of 12 characters at level 50 (maehwa, lahn, dark knight, and sorceress) and I am working on my tamer now. Progress, right? This is the best thing about MMORPGs compared to a lot of other games– you can set your own goals, even if nobody else understands what you’re doing or why.

As I get closer and closer to end game, I realize that there’s going to be a point where the critics are right. There will be nothing left to do but PvP and boss fights (and maybe the nautical content I know nothing about). At that point, I will be done with BDO. Those things aren’t my cup of tea. One might wonder why I don’t quit now, knowing that the end game isn’t for me, but I am still having fun at this point, and that’s the whole point for me.



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