Apologies and Miscellaneous News

I’ve been struggling with a combination of scheduling and health issues, so I haven’t written as often as I would usually like. I’m sorry about that. I will try to have some stuff on the burner to serve up in the event that I am not doing so well.

So, what has gone on in the MMORPG and MMORPG adjacent world while I was gone? Oh, yeah. Everything. The Trion Worlds sale and resulting chaos. Shroud of the Avatar going free-to-play. Progression servers coming online for LOTRO. Finally some information about WoW Classic (Coming Summer ’19). The whole Diablo Immortal announcement fiasco. The release of the mobile version of Old School Runescape. And probably a lot of other things that are not jumping into my addled mind right this moment that you’ve already read or heard about somewhere else.

Oh, yeah, Destiny 2 is free until the 18th if you happen to have the Battle.net launcher installed anyway, so you might want to grab that.

I have been trying out some mobile MMORPGs, but I may assign those to someone else to write about those. I have a small and less-than-state-of-the-art phone and my tablet is a Kindle, so I am limited in what I can do. My brother seemed to volunteer for writing assignments recently, which he may come to regret.

I have played a little Black Desert Online, continuing on my mass leveling project. I have a fourth character very close to 50. Once I get them all to 50 (with the exception of my AFK fisher), I will work on getting them all through their Awakening, unless some other game really grabs my attention.

I have been considering the LOTRO thing. Or trying to get somewhere in Guild Wars 2 for once. There will be holiday events coming up too, and those are always fun– I am such a sucker for free digital doodads.

I will be back sooner next time. I promise.





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