Narrowing Down My Field of Gaming

I have a lot of different games installed, and many of them are MMOs. I do not, however, have free time to match. I need to narrow it down to one or two games to play at a time so that I can make some progress in those games, at least.

I had been playing Black Desert Online as my main game for much of 2018– 851 hours worth as of tonight, according to Steam. When I started this blog, I also started looking around at other games a bit more, and I haven’t really gotten back to BDO much.

As 2018 begins to wind down, I’ve been thinking more about my life goals and what I hope to accomplish in the next year. I do plan on continuing to play games and to write about them in this blog (and stream them on Twitch when I can), but I need to balance that against the other things I want to do in the time left over after my family and full-time job.

I won an alpha key to an upcoming game that is under NDA, so I will be playing a bit of that and not writing about it (at least not while it is under NDA).  That probably won’t be my main game, though. I am excited about getting in to give it a look and see how it develops, but I am also aware of the limitations of games in alpha.

So what does that leave me? BDO, of course. Elder Scrolls Online, the game I should love but can’t seem to really engage with. Bless Online, that troubled game I have been covering lately. Revelation Online or Blade & Soul — kind of a toss up which of those I would play, but I found both at least entertaining to a degree. I’ve played a tiny bit of Riders of Icarus, and it is still installed. I have Guild Wars 2 installed, but I don’t feel like I have given it a fair shake yet. And that’s just scratching what I have already installed. I haven’t even gotten into what’s available that I don’t have installed.

I will have to think about this. Suggestions and invitations are welcome.



3 thoughts on “Narrowing Down My Field of Gaming

  1. I stopped playing Blade and Soul after level 30 or so. I think in terms of combat BDO is much better. Blade and Soul seems to be for the gamer who’s less about the mastery of combat (feels like button bashing to a degree). It’s still fun to check out though, but I doubt it’ll be your main game.


    1. You are probably right. I have played it before, but it has been quite a while, and I am not sure how well my memory serves me. Obviously it didn’t grab me too much, or I’d have put the kind of hours into it that I ended up putting into BDO.

      BDO’s combat is pretty good, and it has the advantage of having a lot of different things to do, like running my worker empire and crafting.

      With NaNoWriMo and the holidays coming up, it may be January before I have much play time anyway, if I were being realistic about it.


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