Another Night In Bless Online

In addition to trying out Maplestory 2, I played a few hours of Bless Online over the weekend . I decided to check out the Hieron faction, which also meant going to the other server, as you can only create characters in one faction on each server. Two factions, two servers, it works out fine.

I created a sylvan elf and found myself getting into the story a bit. That is pretty unusual for me. Maybe it was just my mood.

I decided to grab the Halloween quests. One of them involves collecting different pumpkins from gathering, and that seemed the simplest to do while working on my newbie levels. As I was gathering, a strange jack o’lantern creature appeared from the node. I tamed that critter. It is a neat pet, but it makes the most annoying sound imaginable.

There were people in chat organizing to go kill the Halloween boss, necessary for one of the event quests. I saw a few people around, too, but for the most part, it seemed quieter than I was used to from the other server and the other faction. I don’t know if that was a server difference, a factional difference, or if I was just on at a particularly slow time. The community seemed really nice, though, so that’s a definite plus.

I have seen a lot of negative reactions to Bless going free-to-play, mainly from people who have decided that they hate the game and are going to take every opportunity they get to announce it to the world. I really hope that more people give it a try when they don’t have to pay up front. I think the hype killed this game, which, to be fair, is a perfectly average MMORPG, and it could be a nice filler game for a while for a lot of people, if they weren’t expecting anything extraordinary out of it. I realize that’s hardly a ringing endorsement, but I can say that I am enjoying the time I put into it here and there.


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