Frustrations of a Thwarted Gamer

Our internet has been unreliable for the last few weeks, and that is not a very MMO-friendly situation. I was connected for over an hour earlier and it lulled me into thinking maybe I could get some gaming in while my son was watching a movie, so I logged into Bless Online to see what the Pantera newbie experience is like, and… well, you can probably guess what happened next.

My life hasn’t been very MMO-friendly lately either. I have had to work 2 Saturdays in a row, and the weekdays I got off in the meantime were full of appointments for myself and children.

It doesn’t help that my husband isn’t a gamer and looks askance at this hobby. He frequently points out that he hasn’t played video games since he was 15. I haven’t played them consistently throughout my life, but I really do enjoy them when I am playing, and I just can’t feel bad about that. I look at it as a TV replacement– I don’t enjoy just sitting and watching TV, but sometimes in the evening, you just want to kick back, relax, and not worry about being productive. Some people watch sitcoms, and some people run dungeons.

I have a secret life goal of getting my husband and my mom to at least try some video games. Neither of them thinks it is a productive use of time, but they should at least see what it is about. I think they’d like the feeling of setting and achieving goals in the evening, and there’s nothing to lose because failing doesn’t mean anything for your real life. My husband has shown some curiosity about Night In The Woods, so maybe there’s some hope.

(I could get into a whole rant about the cult of busy and the insane need to make every moment productive in the conventional sense of the word, but that would be too much of a tangent for this blog.)


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