10/3-10/17 BDO Trial User Event

If you haven’t played Black Desert Online, this week or next week might be a good time to try it out, especially if things are a little slow for you right now and you have some time to kill. They are having an event which converts your 7-day free trial into a permanent Starter’s Package if you can get to level 56 and complete your Awakening quest within those 7 days. 

And you can. Trust me. Run through the main story line quest, and you should find yourself leveling really fast. The bad news is that from 54 to 56 might be a bit of a hard grind, but if you leave yourself time for that, you should be ok. I’ve done one Awakening, with my Maehwa, and it wasn’t super-difficult or anything.

You don’t really need to sweat gear too much while you’re leveling up.  You will want it eventually, though.

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