RIP Wildstar

Everyone knew it was coming. Wildstar never took off, and sooner or later, it would be time to shut it down. That time has come. I am not going to talk about what went wrong or how things could have been handled differently. A lot of people who know more than me about how the business of games works have already done that. I am just sad and wanted to say so, so that’s what this is.

I liked Wildstar a lot. It was fun for me. It was also funny. And it was beautiful. I would probably have played a whole lot more of it if I could have convinced any of my friends or family to even try it.

Here’s my favorite character, possibly my favorite character in any game ever:


I have never created a character that was a better representation of *me* than that little pink Chua.

RIP, Squeeka Bismol. RIP, Wildstar.

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