My Nefarious Plot

I have a couple of unusual items on my bucket list, including teaching my mother how to use Skype or another video chat, and getting her to try one MMORPG or another. The former will be the easier of the two, since she’d like to be able to video chat with her grandkids in far flung places– we live 7+ hours away by car, and my nieces live in another country. The latter will be harder, since my mom is of mind that every waking moment has to be busy and productive. I think I will try to frame it as a family activity.

I’ve also decided I am going to try to persuade my husband to try out MMORPGs. That will be equally difficult because it is a point of pride for him that he hasn’t played video games of any kind since he was 15.

My insidious plan is incomplete because I haven’t decided what game I should try to get them into. At first I was thinking that I would go with Elder Scrolls Online, but then I thought that having to pay money upfront might be a sticking point for them. They are both quite frugal. I am just trying to figure out which free-to-play games have a good tutorial that will ease them in gently and a non-toxic community. That’s the problem I am chewing on right now. I am currently considering Guild Wars 2, LotRO, or DDO.

Suggestions are welcome.


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