Like Looking at a Train Wreck

I sometimes play failed or obscure titles just to look. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised (Wildstar) or predictably disappointed (Revelation Online). Sometimes I just shrug and wander off because a game isn’t really bad, but it also isn’t really good (Shroud of the Avatar).

And that brings us to what’s on my mind tonight:

Bless Online failed spectacularly. People do not like Bless Online. You don’t have to take my word for it– go look at the reviews anywhere. (If you go check it out on YouTube, you might want to pop on some headphones so your kids don’t hear the profanities in some reviews.)

But now it is on sale on Steam. I wasn’t willing to pay full price to see how bad it is, but I might be willing to shell out $10 to check out the failshow. I just can’t decide if I want to spend money on it or wait for the almost-inevitable free-to-play.

I have seen some games fail at launch and then make an astonishing comeback, but then there are the flops that stay flopped. Bless looks like it will probably be the latter. The more highly anticipated a game is, the more people feel betrayed if it turns out to be a steaming pile. See the aforementioned reviews to experience the bitterness first hand.


2 thoughts on “Like Looking at a Train Wreck

  1. I was looking at Bless on Steam but I deided against trying it. It wasn’t the reviews that put me off, though, it was knowing I wouldn’t have the time to play it. Same with Rend and Gran Skrea.

    I played Revelation Online and thought it was pretty good, though. Again, only time and the vast number of MMOs there are too play stopped me carrying on. What didn’t you like about it? Wildstar I also played for a while but that one I did stop because of the game itself – it’s very loud and tiring to play. I felt mentally jangled after even a short session. Uncomfortable.


    1. I might still get Bless. I might like it. I often like games that other people hate.

      I guess I could put Revelation Online in the “not bad, not good” category for me. I already play/have played Blade and Soul and Black Desert Online and was playing them around that time, so maybe I had just reached my quota of Asian-style games (which, for the record, I often love) at that time. It wasn’t quite enough to join the 2 or 3 games on my rotation at the time, and it reminded me of Blade and Soul quite a lot.

      I totally get not liking Wildstar if you don’t like your game YELLING AT YOU ALL THE TIME, just for starters. I usually play my games with no sound on at all, so I sidestepped that part to begin with. I really like Wildstar, but it isn’t in my current rotation either, so take that as you will.


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