Chronicles of Elyria: The Searing Plague

The Searing Plague is spreading! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Chronicles of Elyria is running an event in which there is a plague spreading, and people are trying to find a cure, or perhaps trying to spread the outbreak. If you have purchased a pledge package, you are among The Pure, the uninfected, and you generate Purity Seals. If you haven’t, you’re a filthy Plague Carrier, and you generate Plague Signs. You can trade these Signs and Seals, or use them to activate abilities, or contribute them toward finding the cure. Or spreading the outbreak, if you’re one of those people who just wants to watch the world burn when it pees. (Hey, I am not the one who named it “the searing plague.”)

A Plague Carrier that collects 180 Purity Seals can “purify” themselves, earning a free pledge package. That’s a nice touch.

There’s a YouTube video that might explain it a little better than me.

In the end, this event will affect the game world. I’m just going to quote the event page FAQ about that:

  • Q. What happens if we do find a cure?
    If the Cure bar reaches 100% before the Outbreak bar, each player will gain a title, “plagueborn,” they can apply to one of their characters. The character that carries this title will be resistant the Searing Plague and that resistance will be passed on to their children.
  • Q. What happens if we fail to find a cure?
    If the Outbreak bar reaches 100% before the Cure bar, each server’s world will be scarred by a plaguelands biome, and the searing plague will rear its ugly head more frequently, as well.

This seems like a fun way to engage the community and to get future players interacting with each other, and possibly even roleplaying together.

And, while you’re checking this out, you can give me your Purity Seals or Plague Signs if you aren’t using them. Just sayin’.



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