On Being Old and Jaded

I saw an announcement for an MMO in development that only had concept art to show so far. It was promising a world where everything would change over time and every little thing would be controlled by AI. Sounds neat.

Would it be unkind of me to suggest they are making a premature announcement?

Part of me thinks that I am wise to be more immune to hype than I once was. The rest of me knows I am just a jaded, old grouch.

I want to be excited for a lot of the games I see coming along. Ashes of Creation is certainly ambitious. Crowfall looks like it is a different kind of game. Pantheon looks like it might scratch some of my itch for the past while keeping me in the present. These games seem to be coming along nicely in development, but I just can’t bring myself to become excited.

And then there are the other games that get announced and never see the light of day. This isn’t my first rodeo. I know not to get my hopes up too high. EQ Next seemed like a sure thing for a little while, from a major company at the time (prior to Daybreak), and even that didn’t pan out.

I see a lot of cool ideas out there right now, but they are just ideas until there’s a game to play. I’ve book marked a few. I’ve signed up on a few sites to get their newsletters. I want to believe. I just don’t want the heartbreak.7e3


2 thoughts on “On Being Old and Jaded

  1. Ditto, I think it’s too many Early Access/Kickstarter/Alpha/Beta/Prealpha/Insert Greek Letter disappointments.

    Now I’m all, “Let’s talk only when there’s a game launched, running, with people playing successfully.” Then maybe I’ll be interested.


  2. I am in the same boat. I see other people being excited about a new MMO but I just can’t care enough to even keep with the news about it anymore. Or any news about MMO for that matter.

    It is a shame because a long time ago I loved to read about the different MMOs and which ones were in development. :/


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