Killing the Fat Fish in BDO

Capture In Black Desert Online, you have to complete a quest by killing a summoned monster, Giant Catfishman Qoobe, in order to advance to level 50. I now have a third character that has killed the fat fish and ascended to that milestone level.

Level 50 opens you up to PvP. I don’t do PvP. A lot of people might suggest at this point that maybe BDO isn’t the game for me, since the late game for many people seems to largely revolve around node wars and the like. My game  revolves around gathering, crafting, and selling things on the market, so I would say there’s plenty of game left for me without engaging other players in combat.

I have been killed a couple of times while out killing things in the wild. It wasn’t a really big deal to me. Once I was out taming horses and someone ran up to me and stood next to me for a while, and then told me they had decided not to kill me. I thanked them. I was busy feeding sugar to a horse that had been a pain to capture, and in that one case, I would have been annoyed to be killed when I was so close to success.

I have the insane goal of leveling all eleven of my characters to at least 50. (And it will be 12, once I have enough loyalties to buy another slot, which I intend to use as a dedicated fisherman.) It really is pretty fast from start to level 55 or so, so the goal of leveling them all up isn’t quite the grind it might be in other games. After that, I will start working on their Awakenings, if I haven’t wandered away to another game by then.




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