Ding! Level 1!

If you have arrived at this blog hoping for some tips and tricks to get really good at the MMO you play, you’re in the wrong place, my friend. While I am a dedicated player, I am not a good player. I seem to specialize in doing everything wrong. I have fun, though.

What is this blog about, then? It will be about the games I am playing, what’s going on in those games, and what I think about those things. I will probably give my opinions on games I try. We’ll have to see where this all ends up.

But who am I anyway? Here’s a brief version of my MMOResume:

My first MMORPG was Ultima Online, way back in 1997. I played EverQuest from 1999 to about 2007. I was there for the horrific Anarchy Online launch. I played Dark Age of Camelot for a short while. I played World of Warcraft for about 6 months when it first launched. I’ve tried to play EverQuest 2 off and on over the years.  I played Lineage 2 for a little bit. I have played some truly obscure games, like Underlight, along the way. I played the heck out of Jade Dynasty at one point. I played Dungeons & Dragons online with one of my sons for a while. And then there are all the games I dipped my toes into that are too numerous to name– I am willing to try anything for 10 levels.

I am currently playing Black Desert Online and Elder Scrolls Online. (“The” Elder Scrolls Online? Whatever.) In non-MMO gaming, I have also played a whole lot of No Man’s Sky, and with the recent update, I foresee myself getting back into that.

Sometimes I will binge Civ V, but that’s less a game and more of a hostage situation for me.

I am writing this in the middle of the night, so I am going to set up a character for AFK fishing in BDO and go back to bed. Nice meeting you. Hope to see you around.


2 thoughts on “Ding! Level 1!

    1. It is really hard to compare UO back-in-the-day to games today. It is hard to find a game that is a sandbox to that degree. All of my best memories of UO were about the people and the crazy things we got up to. For instance, we had a wedding in my guild that was unexpectedly attacked by a PK guild, and a really fun battle broke out as all the guests beat back the “bad guys”. We all had a good laugh too. You can’t script that kind of thing.

      BDO allows a lot of different activities in addition to the standard questing. That’s nice. It isn’t UO, though, especially because BDO doesn’t allow direct trading between characters. (That was an attempt to quash gold selling and the like, but it seems like a sledgehammer solution to a screwdriver problem.)

      ESO is a pretty standard theme park with Elder Scrolls elements, but it is very well made. By nature, it doesn’t have much in common with UO, especially not the UO of the old days.

      UO was a really different and special experience that belonged to a time when we were all just jazzed to be playing together. Even early EQ had more of that “roll-your-own-adventure” feel. I don’t think I’ll ever see that again.


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